Repairs, planting and public support - a year in the life of Reynolds Park

Annual Report, November 2017

In November 2016, shortly after the last AGM, the quarry gate was vandalised allowing easy access into the quarry. We were able to organise and fund a prompt repair of the gate. This reduced the risk of further vandalism. Later, Paul replaced a lost coping stone near the gate to hamper the possibility of entry and more vandalism. The quarry is a tremendous park asset. It would be great if it was made into a safe and accessible area for use by local groups.

Peter approached me in early summer because there was no funding available to purchase dahlia sticks and fertiliser for the Walled Garden. It was good that the Friends were able to do this. In the present financial climate we might well be asked to assist in a similar way again.

The ongoing Wildflower Meadow project went well despite having only SFX school involved. The boys were an invaluable help on the planting day. Garry organised a rotator, which greatly eased the back breaking task of digging! Councillor Colin McAlly’s grant allowed us to purchase a good number of new wildflower species. Thank you to everybody who helped.

Over the summer we repainted all the park gates. Thanks to the painters!

The future funding plans for Liverpool Parks still appear to be somewhat vague. We need to keep a fighting fund available should we require it. The play was well supported and the newly introduced Reynolds Day was a success despite appalling weather. Judging by the voting response at Tesco there is tremendous public support for Reynolds Park and hopefully we will capitalise on this by adding to our membership.

We are as always indebted to Peter for his hard work in the park, together with the Glendale team.

It continues to be a privilege to be Chairman of the Friends and I thank you for your support over the year.